Tips for Winning World of Warcraft’s Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza

If you are a fisherman in World of Warcraft, you know all about the Sunday Fishing Extravaganza in Stranglethorn Vale. The goal being to bring in forty tastyfish before anyone else can. Between the two prizes for winning, and the three rare fish you may find that gives you even more goodies, fishing in the tournament is a fun activity. You can win a fishing hat, some fishing boots, special fishing line, or a great fishing pole. Keeping in mind that the winning prizes are all soulbound, you really shouldn’t win this more than twice or else it’s just rude. If you haven’t won yet, there are some tips on how to get yourself and your trusty fishing pole into the winners circle.
Location, location, location

Stake out your location before the call goes out for the start of the tournament. You’ll find the tastyfish pools about every 150 meters or so, and they have a respawn rate of about 5-7 minutes. They stay about the same, so try to memorize where the spawns come up.


You’ll be more apt to win if you can move between the fishing pool spawns quickly. Getting plenty of swim speed potions beforehand will help. Having a speed spell, or a mount, is another way to get between the pools quicker and help keep you one step ahead of the rest.

Tricks of the Trade

Tastyfish are soulbound and expire four hours after the start of the fishing tournament. This keeps you from keeping them until the next tournament.


Practice your fishing so that you know where you’ll need to stand to cast your line in the middle of the tastyfish pools. As there are anywhere from two to five tastyfish per node you’ll either have to find pools that are yours alone, or fight with others for the one or two you can pull out first. Casting your line correctly the first time may buy you a little time.

More than Two, Move on

If there are already two people fishing a spawn pool, move on to the next one. Usually by the time you unmount and throw your line the fish will be gone before you’ve caught one. This time could be better spent going to the next node and fishing out your tastyfish.

Get in the Water

Meaning; don’t swim unless you don’t have a mount and are loaded up on swim speed potions. Stay just to the water’s edge, keeping free from the Stranglethorn Vale bloodsail buccaneers, the Naga, and the crocodiles. You will still be able to be mounted, or run with speed, and get to the pools quicker without getting the monsters aggro’ed.