OSRS Herb Run Guide


There are numerous activities on OSRS that are way easier and more beneficial than the others. Similarly, herb runs are something that is considered to be fairly easy, and it provides a good amount of return. However, it’s not a cup of tea for every OSRS player. So, if you’re interested, continue to read further.

The Reason

Well, the most important reason for investing your precious time doing osrs herb run is as mentioned above – it is fairly easy and provides a good amount of return. You don’t need any real requirements to start off doing herb run osrs, and it doesn’t take up much time because, in 80 minutes, you’ll have a full-grown herb patches osrs waiting for you to pick and repeat the process. You can expect about 50,000 – 100,000 OSRS Gold per run, and the run roughly takes about five minutes to complete. Also, once you gain access to most of the in-game teleports, the process will become quicker, and it’ll allow you to make a profit without much trouble.

However, you will need at least level 32 in Farming before beginning the process and actually making a profit, because, at that level, you will be able to plant Ranarr seeds. Herb runs are not only good for making a profit but also for gaining Farming experience and leveling up. As you reach higher levels, you’ll want to plant seeds of the top-tier, resulting in both; Good experience and profit.


Before beginning herb runs, it’s best that you first complete a few quests and unlock some benefits that will help you during the process. Ultra-compost is a good addition for starters because it is highly effective when farming herbs. It’ll help in cutting down the chances of your herbs being diseased (90% protection), and provides a sufficient amount that can be used on six herbs patches.

As mentioned above, herb runs become easier if you have teleportation means unlocked. So, an Explorer’s Ring 2 can come in handy by completing the Medium Draynor Village and Lumbridge Diary. This ring will help you teleport to the Cabbage Patches located south of the Herb Patch in Falador city. You can use this teleport three times a day. But if you have Explorer’s Ring 3, then you can teleport there as many times as you want.

Herb runs deplete your run energy, so a good suggestion would be to equip the Graceful Outside to increase efficiency. However, if you can’t gain a graceful outfit due to your low Agility level, then you can choose to work with Stamina Potions. These potions can come in handy when you lack teleportation means. So, it’s a good alternative for both the above points.

Herb runs are done best when you can access all the herb patches in-game. That’s why there’s one in Troll Stronghold as well, which can be accessed after completing the quest My Arm’s Big Adventure. The location may not be as convenient as the others, but to get there quickly, you’ll have to finish the quest Edgar’s Ruse. Thus, allowing you to teleport to a nearby location of the Troll Stronghold herb patches. A good recommendation would be to get your Construction level to 25 because that way you can shift your house near the Hosidius house portal – providing you easy access to the herb patches osrs in the Kingdom of Great Kourend.


With a total of 9 herb patches across Gielinor, you can easily get access to most of them. However, there are some requirements that need to be achieved. So, we’ve already mentioned the patches which are located south of Falador, and the patches located in the Kingdom of Great Kourend. Moving further –

There are patches located in Catherby, which can easily be reached using a Camelot teleport, then heading east from the teleported location. Speaking of the Troll Stronghold patches, you can reach there using a Trollheim Teleport, and then heading west to get to the ladder that leads to the location. The patches on the Harmony Island can be accessed after completing the Morytania Elite Diary, and the best way to reach there is by using the Arceuus Spell Book, however, you’ll need level 65 in Magic to cast the teleportation spell.

There are also patches in Canifis, but it’s not recommended unless you have Ectophial unlocked. An easy way to get to the Ardougne patches is by using the teleportation ability provided by the Ardougne Cloak 2 or above. An alternative way would be by heading north after you’ve used the Ardougne teleport. There are patches that can be accessed with the help of the Fairy Ring (Code DKS). You can speak to Larry upon reaching there to use his boat, and make your way into the cave while heading east, and then southwest to reach the patches. Lastly, the Farming Guild also has patches that can be used if you’re tier 2 or above. You can reach there using a Skills Necklace, but only if you meet the requirements to enter.