Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian


Also known as the member of several tribes that are on the fringes of civilization. They rebuff the influence of those who they find as weaklings.
Due to the Barbarian’s sturdy and powerful frame, endless clan warfare and struggles are reflected. Despite lacking in terms of sophistication, the Barbarians are acutely aware of their surroundings. The Barbarians are also associated with the stories of lycanthropy due to their shamanistic belief in the power of animals. They believe that they hold the power to call upon totemic animal spirits that infuse them with magical abilities.

The Barbarians are considered to be a great improvement to the Diablo 1 Warrior Class. Their most innovative feature is the ability to dual-wield weapons. It’s a wise decision to allot points into their Double Swing ability in their respective talent trees, as it enables them to perform swift attacks with both their weapons. They have the potential to become potent fighters when their ‘Synergies’ are coupled with their combat style.

Statistics & Figures

They have the following attributes; Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Energy, Stamina, Life, and Mana.

Being a specialist of the Melee class, Barbarians need to be aware of their health at all times and keep the necessary healing potions with them. Luckily, they possess Find Potion, which enables them to harvest Healing Potions from the body of a dead creature. With higher levels, if they charge into a ‘not-ready’ situation, then the skill Leap comes in handy to jump over the pack to take cover. Since they have the highest number of stamina, they are capable enough to cover the distance between themselves and their opponents.

To improve their combat skills, Barbarians have an entire tree dedicated solely to the Combat Masteries. Everything is C-Level 6 or below, and it is the only section of any tree that doesn’t have prerequisites. In simpler words, the first skill point that you receive can be used on any of the 6 masteries. The masteries are passive, so they don’t require activation. Therefore, whenever a single point is added to it, Barbarians begin to enjoy the increased benefits in the respective weapon.

The first act introduced no problems for the Barbarians but defeating the deadly mobs become harder as the game progresses and they encounter magic-oriented opponents. They need to watch out for their resistances since they don’t specialize in Ranged attacks, thus increasing the chances of successfully being hit by spell-casters when facing them head-on. The Natural Resistance skills only become available once Barbarians reach C-Level 30.

The only long-ranged weapon in the possession of Barbarians is Double Throw, with ‘Throwing Mastery’ being served as the only enhancement for it. However, they can’t add points to it until they reach C-Level 12.

Wielding dual weapons brings rise to another problem. Placing a weapon in the off-hand replaces their shield slot, which then leaves them vulnerable to Melee opponents due to lower AC. A good method to counter this is the war cry Shout for diablo 2 barbarian build.

War Cries

There are a lot of varieties in the War Cry tree that range from attack skills and aura bonuses to corpse skills. There are seven War Cries in total, and the other three are corpse skills grouped by default
War Cries are similar to spells. When cast, Barbarians throw their arms up, head back, and then howl as loud as they can. The War Cry is indicated as a Nova of brightly-colored light that moves out from the Barbarians in a ring formation. Every War Cry has a graphic of its own, but the sound is randomly generated. They also have different ranges, with the most beneficial aura ones that cover the entire screen, while the ones that harm monsters are lesser in range.
For beneficial War Cries, characters and minions have to be in the range of the War Cry when cast. You will enjoy the benefits from the duration of the skills which entirely depends on the points the Barbarians have invested in it for diablo 2 resurrected barbarian build. Also, beneficial War Cries need to be refreshed before they expire.

The three corpse skills (as mentioned above) are useful too. Find Diablo 2 Resurrected Item is good for finding genuine equipment, Find Potion is good for the more patient Barbarians, and Grim Ward works as a more constant variant of a different skill found in the very same tree.

Echoing Weapons

The best plan is to find two echoing weapons and use them along with your weapon switch. Echoing is basically a prefix that offers +3 to every War Cry, and two of which offer +6 to every skill in the tree. The strategy is to switch weapons, cast Battle Orders or something similar, and then switch back to the normal weapons. Dual Echoing is quite useful for Find Item and Find Potion, as it takes them instantly to S-Level 7.

You can also utilize +2 sounding weapons, but they aren’t that effective. Whenever you’re in town, look for NPCs with Echoing weapons, and then purchase one that offers a dual-wielding bonus. Well, normal weapons are mostly preferred due to their low requirements for diablo 2 resurrected barbarian build. An easy way to find two good weapons is to check the shops in Harrogath and repeatedly enter the portal that leads to Pindleskin to reset the merchant’s inventories.

Combat Masteries

These increase the Barbarian’s efficiency of using weapons like Polearms, Axes, Swords, and even Ranged Weapons with the help of Throwing Mastery. It’s important for Barbarians to pick one mastery and stick with it, and then eventually add 20 points (maximum) into it. Bonuses from the masteries add damage with every attack skill, so it’s crucial to max them out first. Also, if you are using Whirlwind with some Berserk, Leap Attack, and Frenzy (diablo 2 frenzy barb), then additional points in your master will make each of them effective.

Now, speaking of Passive Skills, Barbarians have a total of four available in this tree, and each one of them deserves at least a point. Increased Stamina, Increased Speed, Iron Skin, and Natural Resistance.

Critical Strike

Every Weapon Mastery offers % chance of inflicting double damage, which is quite similar to Amazon’s Critical Strike skill. The bonus is calculated after every other damage, so it doubles the total damage, which is often in numbers of thousands for diablo 2 barbarian build. It has always been like this, but the bonus from double damage wasn’t displayed in the skill description before.

Combat Skills

Combat Skills structures the Barbarian’s damage-based skills. With respect to single-hit skills, there are crowd control attacks that can cause multiple targets and skills to increase attack speed. Similarly, they have ranged-oriented skills in Double Throw, and they also possess the ability Berserk, which is one of the very few methods by which they can cause magical damage. These skills work magnificently well with the Barbarian’s Masteries.