Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian


Also known as the member of several tribes that are on the fringes of civilization. They rebuff the influence of those who they find as weaklings.
Due to the Barbarian’s sturdy and powerful frame, endless clan warfare and struggles are reflected. Despite lacking in terms of sophistication, the Barbarians are acutely aware of their surroundings. The Barbarians are also associated with the stories of lycanthropy due to their shamanistic belief in the power of animals. They believe that they hold the power to call upon totemic animal spirits that infuse them with magical abilities.

The Barbarians are considered to be a great improvement to the Diablo 1 Warrior Class. Their most innovative feature is the ability to dual-wield weapons. It’s a wise decision to allot points into their Double Swing ability in their respective talent trees, as it enables them to perform swift attacks with both their weapons. They have the potential to become potent fighters when their ‘Synergies’ are coupled with their combat style.

Statistics & Figures

They have the following attributes; Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Energy, Stamina, Life, and Mana.

Being a specialist of the Melee class, Barbarians need to be aware of their health at all times and keep the necessary healing potions with them. Luckily, they possess Find Potion, which enables them to harvest Healing Potions from the body of a dead creature. With higher levels, if they charge into a ‘not-ready’ situation, then the skill Leap comes in handy to jump over the pack to take cover. Since they have the highest number of stamina, they are capable enough to cover the distance between themselves and their opponents.

To improve their combat skills, Barbarians have an entire tree dedicated solely to the Combat Masteries. Everything is C-Level 6 or below, and it is the only section of any tree that doesn’t have prerequisites. In simpler words, the first skill point that you receive can be used on any of the 6 masteries. The masteries are passive, so they don’t require activation. Therefore, whenever a single point is added to it, Barbarians begin to enjoy the increased benefits in the respective weapon.

The first act introduced no problems for the Barbarians but defeating the deadly mobs become harder as the game progresses and they encounter magic-oriented opponents. They need to watch out for their resistances since they don’t specialize in Ranged attacks, thus increasing the chances of successfully being hit by spell-casters when facing them head-on. The Natural Resistance skills only become available once Barbarians reach C-Level 30.

The only long-ranged weapon in the possession of Barbarians is Double Throw, with ‘Throwing Mastery’ being served as the only enhancement for it. However, they can’t add points to it until they reach C-Level 12.

Wielding dual weapons brings rise to another problem. Placing a weapon in the off-hand replaces their shield slot, which then leaves them vulnerable to Melee opponents due to lower AC. A good method to counter this is the war cry Shout for diablo 2 barbarian build.

War Cries

There are a lot of varieties in the War Cry tree that range from attack skills and aura bonuses to corpse skills. There are seven War Cries in total, and the other three are corpse skills grouped by default
War Cries are similar to spells. When cast, Barbarians throw their arms up, head back, and then howl as loud as they can. The War Cry is indicated as a Nova of brightly-colored light that moves out from the Barbarians in a ring formation. Every War Cry has a graphic of its own, but the sound is randomly generated. They also have different ranges, with the most beneficial aura ones that cover the entire screen, while the ones that harm monsters are lesser in range.
For beneficial War Cries, characters and minions have to be in the range of the War Cry when cast. You will enjoy the benefits from the duration of the skills which entirely depends on the points the Barbarians have invested in it for diablo 2 resurrected barbarian build. Also, beneficial War Cries need to be refreshed before they expire.

The three corpse skills (as mentioned above) are useful too. Find Diablo 2 Resurrected Item is good for finding genuine equipment, Find Potion is good for the more patient Barbarians, and Grim Ward works as a more constant variant of a different skill found in the very same tree.

Echoing Weapons

The best plan is to find two echoing weapons and use them along with your weapon switch. Echoing is basically a prefix that offers +3 to every War Cry, and two of which offer +6 to every skill in the tree. The strategy is to switch weapons, cast Battle Orders or something similar, and then switch back to the normal weapons. Dual Echoing is quite useful for Find Item and Find Potion, as it takes them instantly to S-Level 7.

You can also utilize +2 sounding weapons, but they aren’t that effective. Whenever you’re in town, look for NPCs with Echoing weapons, and then purchase one that offers a dual-wielding bonus. Well, normal weapons are mostly preferred due to their low requirements for diablo 2 resurrected barbarian build. An easy way to find two good weapons is to check the shops in Harrogath and repeatedly enter the portal that leads to Pindleskin to reset the merchant’s inventories.

Combat Masteries

These increase the Barbarian’s efficiency of using weapons like Polearms, Axes, Swords, and even Ranged Weapons with the help of Throwing Mastery. It’s important for Barbarians to pick one mastery and stick with it, and then eventually add 20 points (maximum) into it. Bonuses from the masteries add damage with every attack skill, so it’s crucial to max them out first. Also, if you are using Whirlwind with some Berserk, Leap Attack, and Frenzy (diablo 2 frenzy barb), then additional points in your master will make each of them effective.

Now, speaking of Passive Skills, Barbarians have a total of four available in this tree, and each one of them deserves at least a point. Increased Stamina, Increased Speed, Iron Skin, and Natural Resistance.

Critical Strike

Every Weapon Mastery offers % chance of inflicting double damage, which is quite similar to Amazon’s Critical Strike skill. The bonus is calculated after every other damage, so it doubles the total damage, which is often in numbers of thousands for diablo 2 barbarian build. It has always been like this, but the bonus from double damage wasn’t displayed in the skill description before.

Combat Skills

Combat Skills structures the Barbarian’s damage-based skills. With respect to single-hit skills, there are crowd control attacks that can cause multiple targets and skills to increase attack speed. Similarly, they have ranged-oriented skills in Double Throw, and they also possess the ability Berserk, which is one of the very few methods by which they can cause magical damage. These skills work magnificently well with the Barbarian’s Masteries.

OSRS Herb Run Guide


There are numerous activities on OSRS that are way easier and more beneficial than the others. Similarly, herb runs are something that is considered to be fairly easy, and it provides a good amount of return. However, it’s not a cup of tea for every OSRS player. So, if you’re interested, continue to read further.

The Reason

Well, the most important reason for investing your precious time doing osrs herb run is as mentioned above – it is fairly easy and provides a good amount of return. You don’t need any real requirements to start off doing herb run osrs, and it doesn’t take up much time because, in 80 minutes, you’ll have a full-grown herb patches osrs waiting for you to pick and repeat the process. You can expect about 50,000 – 100,000 OSRS Gold per run, and the run roughly takes about five minutes to complete. Also, once you gain access to most of the in-game teleports, the process will become quicker, and it’ll allow you to make a profit without much trouble.

However, you will need at least level 32 in Farming before beginning the process and actually making a profit, because, at that level, you will be able to plant Ranarr seeds. Herb runs are not only good for making a profit but also for gaining Farming experience and leveling up. As you reach higher levels, you’ll want to plant seeds of the top-tier, resulting in both; Good experience and profit.


Before beginning herb runs, it’s best that you first complete a few quests and unlock some benefits that will help you during the process. Ultra-compost is a good addition for starters because it is highly effective when farming herbs. It’ll help in cutting down the chances of your herbs being diseased (90% protection), and provides a sufficient amount that can be used on six herbs patches.

As mentioned above, herb runs become easier if you have teleportation means unlocked. So, an Explorer’s Ring 2 can come in handy by completing the Medium Draynor Village and Lumbridge Diary. This ring will help you teleport to the Cabbage Patches located south of the Herb Patch in Falador city. You can use this teleport three times a day. But if you have Explorer’s Ring 3, then you can teleport there as many times as you want.

Herb runs deplete your run energy, so a good suggestion would be to equip the Graceful Outside to increase efficiency. However, if you can’t gain a graceful outfit due to your low Agility level, then you can choose to work with Stamina Potions. These potions can come in handy when you lack teleportation means. So, it’s a good alternative for both the above points.

Herb runs are done best when you can access all the herb patches in-game. That’s why there’s one in Troll Stronghold as well, which can be accessed after completing the quest My Arm’s Big Adventure. The location may not be as convenient as the others, but to get there quickly, you’ll have to finish the quest Edgar’s Ruse. Thus, allowing you to teleport to a nearby location of the Troll Stronghold herb patches. A good recommendation would be to get your Construction level to 25 because that way you can shift your house near the Hosidius house portal – providing you easy access to the herb patches osrs in the Kingdom of Great Kourend.


With a total of 9 herb patches across Gielinor, you can easily get access to most of them. However, there are some requirements that need to be achieved. So, we’ve already mentioned the patches which are located south of Falador, and the patches located in the Kingdom of Great Kourend. Moving further –

There are patches located in Catherby, which can easily be reached using a Camelot teleport, then heading east from the teleported location. Speaking of the Troll Stronghold patches, you can reach there using a Trollheim Teleport, and then heading west to get to the ladder that leads to the location. The patches on the Harmony Island can be accessed after completing the Morytania Elite Diary, and the best way to reach there is by using the Arceuus Spell Book, however, you’ll need level 65 in Magic to cast the teleportation spell.

There are also patches in Canifis, but it’s not recommended unless you have Ectophial unlocked. An easy way to get to the Ardougne patches is by using the teleportation ability provided by the Ardougne Cloak 2 or above. An alternative way would be by heading north after you’ve used the Ardougne teleport. There are patches that can be accessed with the help of the Fairy Ring (Code DKS). You can speak to Larry upon reaching there to use his boat, and make your way into the cave while heading east, and then southwest to reach the patches. Lastly, the Farming Guild also has patches that can be used if you’re tier 2 or above. You can reach there using a Skills Necklace, but only if you meet the requirements to enter.

World of Warcraft is the Best PVP RPG Computer Game that Includes a Free Trial

If you are bored of your current computer game collection and you are into player verses player and role playing games, you should defiantly start playing World Of Warcraft. This game is extremely fun and entertaining for almost all age groups. The creators of this game sure knew what they were creating when they put together World Of Warcraft. It is a game so amazing that it is known as the most popular computer game of all time. Best of all, it can be played on a Mac or PC.
World Of Warcraft, also known as WOW, is great for many ages. I have met many older adults while playing as well as young elementary school students. The game does take a bit of strategy though so I would not recommend it to any children under the age of 8 unless they are already true gamers at heart and understand the on line gaming world. Many of the people I meet are saved to my friends list. Saving them to my friends list allows us to chat when they are on line. We can also then help each other out during our game play time. You can even party up with your real life friends if you create your characters on the same server. This makes completing quests and any other WOW activity’s much more fun.

I feel like WOW would make a great addition to any computer gamers library. It is worth the purchase. It is a bit pricey to start playing because you have to purchase the keys to activate your software. You can buy the full version of WOW at almost any store that Carry’s computer games. There is also the option of purchasing the keys on line through Blizzard, it is allot cheaper to do it this way. I suggest before purchasing the game that you try it out to make sure you really enjoy it. That is why they offer a 10 day free trial. Go to Blizzards website and download the game to your computer. Then sign up for the ten day free trial. The best thing about the trial is if you like the game after your trial is up, you don’t lose any of your trial games progress. You just upgrade your account and you’ve got your same characters you signed up with in the first place.

If you like what you played and do decide to purchase the full game, keep in mind there is a monthly charge of fifteen dollars. This applys to everyone and there is no way around it. I can tell you though that is it well worth it. I guarantee that you yourself will enjoy World Of Warcraft just as much as everyone else.

World of Warcraft – Echos of Doom and You

Wrath of the Lich King will be upon us in 23 days and Blizzard has already rolled out a major content patch. With this patch we have been given new and exciting options and enhancements for our gaming experience.
The Echoes of Doom have given us:

1.) A new and Improved Talent System

Talent points have been refunded to all characters to allow players to take advantage of the new talent system. In the new system we will have to be more conscious of the choices that we make. Even at level 80 we cannot completely fill a talent tree.

2.) Barber Shops

Now we can change the appearance of our characters for a few gold.

3.) The Achievement System

Characters can now accumulate achievement points for completing specific goals. How these points can be spent is unclear at the moment and Blizzard is not giving out any real information. I am sure that the use of these points will become evident with the release of the expansion.

4.) Improvements to Game Mechanics

Hit rating, critical strike rating, and haste rating now modify both melee and casting.

While these four points are readily seen by players there are many other changes going on behind the scenes. The patch gives us bit a taste of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and there is much more to come.

Of course every major content patch has its inherent problems. We are experiencing in game lag that is much worse than normal and the calendar system is not up to par but Blizzard has stated that they are working diligently to correct the problems. I for one believe them.

There are those who whine and complain about blizzard, but having been in the MMO game genre for more than 10 years I can tell you that compared to other companies Blizzard is doing a wonderful job.

Before complaining think about this, I was an EverQuest player for over 7 years. In that time there was never a free content patch and 15 expansions. In the time that World of Warcraft has been on the market there have been numerous free major content patches and only 2 expansions.

Had you been playing a Sony Online Entertainment game the Echoes of Doom patch would have been put in a box and sold to you for $39.95. Then a month or so later the main expansion would have hit the shelves and you guessed it another $40 bucks. My words of advice to those who “hate” Blizzards is that you should be happy that a company is willing to both give you major content patches for free and have customer service that actually cares about you.

Tips for Winning World of Warcraft’s Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza

If you are a fisherman in World of Warcraft, you know all about the Sunday Fishing Extravaganza in Stranglethorn Vale. The goal being to bring in forty tastyfish before anyone else can. Between the two prizes for winning, and the three rare fish you may find that gives you even more goodies, fishing in the tournament is a fun activity. You can win a fishing hat, some fishing boots, special fishing line, or a great fishing pole. Keeping in mind that the winning prizes are all soulbound, you really shouldn’t win this more than twice or else it’s just rude. If you haven’t won yet, there are some tips on how to get yourself and your trusty fishing pole into the winners circle.
Location, location, location

Stake out your location before the call goes out for the start of the tournament. You’ll find the tastyfish pools about every 150 meters or so, and they have a respawn rate of about 5-7 minutes. They stay about the same, so try to memorize where the spawns come up.


You’ll be more apt to win if you can move between the fishing pool spawns quickly. Getting plenty of swim speed potions beforehand will help. Having a speed spell, or a mount, is another way to get between the pools quicker and help keep you one step ahead of the rest.

Tricks of the Trade

Tastyfish are soulbound and expire four hours after the start of the fishing tournament. This keeps you from keeping them until the next tournament.


Practice your fishing so that you know where you’ll need to stand to cast your line in the middle of the tastyfish pools. As there are anywhere from two to five tastyfish per node you’ll either have to find pools that are yours alone, or fight with others for the one or two you can pull out first. Casting your line correctly the first time may buy you a little time.

More than Two, Move on

If there are already two people fishing a spawn pool, move on to the next one. Usually by the time you unmount and throw your line the fish will be gone before you’ve caught one. This time could be better spent going to the next node and fishing out your tastyfish.

Get in the Water

Meaning; don’t swim unless you don’t have a mount and are loaded up on swim speed potions. Stay just to the water’s edge, keeping free from the Stranglethorn Vale bloodsail buccaneers, the Naga, and the crocodiles. You will still be able to be mounted, or run with speed, and get to the pools quicker without getting the monsters aggro’ed.

NBA 2k Vs. NBA Live Vs. Reality

Now that the 08-09 versions of NBA Live, NBA 09, and NBA 2k are out, many gamers are wondering which game gives a more authentic and realistic experience. Most gamers have usually given NBA 2k the realism crown with NBA Live in second, and NBA 09 picking up the rear. Still, isn’t realism a personal opinion as compared to an actual fact? What’s more, what is video game reality?
What is realism in terms of a basketball videogame? Is realism being able to play as an entire team, in the style of that team, as seen on television a week before? Is realism playing as one player the entire game, and doing only what you, as a single player, could do?

To many hard-core basketball gamers realism is having your team play offensive and defensive basketball schemes the way he or she may have seen them run on television. These same hard-core basketball gamers like to use the press box or television visual presentation style. This camera option gives them the same view that they would have from the stands or from a television set. These same hard-core gamers will play as the entire team; mimicking the actions that they have seen over the course of a basketball season, but not mimicking the actions that the actual NBA players, themselves, may have seen or had.

Is this realism?

In my estimation, no. Neither of these gamer tendencies are realistic in any sense of the word. Basketball, in reality, is played by individuals that come together to form a team. For example, in reality, when I have the basketball in my possession, I am able to pass, shoot , or dribble. There are a few other actions that I may have at my disposal, but for this purpose we will just worry about the basic three.

Presentation wise:

My vision of the basketball court is limited to a three dimensional perspective that is very similar to the behind the back view of a traditional basketball video game. Now, in reality I cannot see my entire body as I play , but this view is the closest that we have to really being inside a basketball game as a player. Also, this perspective covers the visual aesthetic, and it mimics the actual playing visual that a normal person would have.

Game play wise:

In reality, I can only do for myself. I cannot tap my elbow and make the center on my team set me a pick. I cannot press my navel and make my point guard shoot the basketbball. You see, in our reality, we can only control ourselves. We can only do what we do. We can only control what we control. We can try to influence others through words or gestures, but we do not have a direct control over them or their actions. Which is why player lock is a must.

Player lock?

Player lock is when you, the gamer, control only one player. For years I have lobbied for player lock to be given more emphasis during game play. This year NBA Live 09 has a new mode called “Be a player.” This mode allows you to lock onto one player for the duration of the game. You are graded by your ability to play your position and do the things that an individual player would do in a real basketball game.

Still, the question remains: Is this reality? If so, why have players and gaming companies been so slow to react? Why is it that while popular with many hardcore gamers, this mode has been absent from many recent releases, including NBA 09 for PS3, PS2, and PSP?

If not, what is reality? What is realism?

MMORPGS: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

You jump out of a window right as it explodes, and then cast a spell to fight off the hordes of goblins right on your back. This is a common occurrence in the world of MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Hundreds of thousands of people play them, some even paying for them. While there are some well none ones like World Of Warcraft, and some lesser known ones such as Dark Ages, it seems like everyone wants in on the action.
Ever since the release of Ultima Online, it seems like hundreds MMORPG’s spring up every night. If you Google MMORPG, the number of results is in the thousands. The business model of these games varies greatly from game to game. Some use a subscription-based philosophy, i.e. World Of Warcraft and RunesScape. Others use an “Item Mall” system, where the game is free to play, but if you want to get better weapons for instance, you have to pay for them with real money. Still others use a money conversion system, in which you can spend real money for in-game money.

One thing that makes these games so appealing is the wide variety of settings you can play in. No matter if you like fantasy or sci-fi, or even a chance to live real life again, you can find a MMORPG to suit your interests. In fact, if you like pirates for example, you find 2 or 3 high quality games on that topic. Another reason that those games are so popular is the social aspect. Some games have thousands of people playing them at once, so you’ll never run out of people to talk to, no matter what time of day you play.

But unfortunately the amount of profit associated with the business has attracted a lot of attentions and has created a sort of stereotype. Many children find these games fun, and know how much money the makers are receiving. However, these children who want to create their own MMORPG have no idea of how much effort it takes to create one. Even with technologies such as Realm Crafter which make the process easy, many people will most likely need help somewhere along the way. Although one or two people asking for help on something isn’t very annoying, it’s when hundreds ask for help in creating “The best MMORPG ever that will be like WoW but better” that people start to lose their patience. The number of people doing this is huge, and often leads to communities collapsing because of the constant spam asking for help.

However, there are some promising serious indie MMORPG developers that keep people coming back for more. After all, the world famous RuneScape was created by a guy and his friends, so there may be hope for the genera of game after all.